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Lifestyle  Psychology



Happy relationships are key to a healthy life.   We now know that those with strong social connections benefit mentally, emotionally and physically.



 The many day to day demands made on us seem to be forever increasing.  Managing them better results in more  contentment.

Healthy Ageing

Physical and cognitive problems can accompany the ageing process.   Early intervention is crucial to preventing and reversing cognitive issues.



Depression and anxiety are associated with our modern lifestyle.  There are many factors contributing to these difficulties.


*Home visits may be available

Medicare Rebates available with referral.

Private Insurance rebates may be available.


Emotional awareness is a necessary part of true contentment and long lasting health.  The mind - body connection is a powerful one, with emotional health the cornerstone of our health and happiness. Our body's systems work as a whole, not as divided pieces.  An understanding of our emotions can lead to increased  satisfaction and happiness, while a lack of emotional awareness is linked to less satisfaction and poorer cognitive and physical health outcomes.  Develop self understanding.   Put more life into your years!